Goran takes part in a new project

A foundation “Viegli” (“easy”) is dedicated to one of the most popular Latvian poets – Imants Ziedonis.
An album “Viegli” with new songs with Ziedonis’ poems will be released May 1st. Songs were written by six musicians: Renars Kaupers (“Brainstorm”), Mara Upmane – Holsteine (“Astro’n'out”), Raimonds Gusarevs (“El Mars”), Janis Strapcans (Ex-”H2O”), Karlis Kazaks and Goran. Check out the website www.fondsviegli.lv for first two songs from album “Viegli”, as well – follow the information for more clues.


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  1. How awesome is that? I’ve adored the song ‘Ceļi’ since I heard it on Bonēra gig, especially remembet that improvised violin solo ;)
    Good luck with the project!

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