Goran Gora to release his third LP!

Just a week before Christmas – December 15th – Goran Gora will release his third LP. Album, titled “Hold Me Close When It Comes”, was recorded on the big stage of Ventspils Jaunrades nams during four days and three nights this September.

Worth to mention that none of the voice or instrumental tracks were polished with different programs like “Melodine” orĀ ”Autotune”, therefore the record is totally live and true, leaving the main role to combination of guitar and voice. Also, electronic experiments that used to describe Goran Gora’s previous albums are absent in this record.

Goran Gora: “I was struggling with an idea of music lately. What is the prime role of music – is it a form of art? Or is it just made to entertain? And finally I got to discover that for me music is something more than produced sound and melodies that are made to be loved. I wished to deliver something pure, real and numb to my listeners and the work I’ve put into upgrading my skills during the last year makes me think that recording truth is a very brave step forward.”

Working on “Hold Me Close When It Comes” Goran influenced from Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney and Bright Eyes. LP will be released by Goran’s own record label and is supported by “Ascendum”.

Video about the recording process:

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