“Hold Me Close When It Comes” Lyrics

Lyrics by: Goran Gora
Consultative: Richard Youatt

I Intro


II Hold Me Close When It Comes
Hold me close when it comes
I have just begun
To translate all of the signs
Of this unexplored land

Where do our roots lead us?
To the promised land?
Something ahead
Isn’t always above and beyond

Every cell makes a sound
Some are lost and some are found
I found mine on the road to you

So they say that is the way
You find your way back home

Hold me close when it comes –
The day I’m back where I belong

III Counterfeit
Do you take me seriously
Or am I just another counterfeit?
Some stupid words you’ve heard before
So many songs and chords ago

You’ve heard so many songs before
Including those in empty stores.
Some might say they were the best
And we’re the echoes of reminiscence

There’s nothing you can do about
There’s nothing you can do about it
I’m just another counterfeit

I’ll be gone long before
You notice the end of the song
I’ll be gone long before
You see the end of this world

IV Awakening
Hold your breath till November,
Do not speak to me if you want.
It’s simply nice to be by your side
Whatever comes

There is an opened space under the surface -
It is a place where I keep my joy.
And there’s a door where only one can enter,
I chose you

Lift it up to the land -
It’s been there too long under water.
I’ve been wrecked for too long -
Didn’t control what delivered
To you

I was afraid of the distance -
Love is a long way to run.
But just like one night can last forever,
I will accept the joy of the stroll

Lift me up to the land -
I’ve been too long under cover.
I’ve been wrecked for too long -
Didn’t appraise what was given
To me

V The Wheel
You’re sitting in the passenger seat
Engine is on
You don’t know where you’re going
But it doesn’t bother you

You just need to get away
And anywhere is good
Just take me further down the road
It is time to go

You pass your street and pass your home
You will not return
It’s time to change direction
Who is running after whom

You’ve never needed anyone
As much as you do now
To talk to; to keep silent with
And remain after now

You’re the one who’s spinning the wheel
You’re running from

VI Everyone’s Landscape
Just like if mountains could walk
But they chose to stand still
In the middle of the landscape

Just like if a city had a face
And a mouth full of words
Blaming the architect’s work

People came out of the light

Just those mountains inside
Everyone’s landscape
Won’t let us unite

If it means we are free
It is no freedom
If you have noone to share it with

People, get back to the light

Inside is the only way we are

VII Giant Revolver
You wake up in front of a giant revolver aiming at your face -
Such a beautiful face will be reborn

She left you alone – it was early November
You grieve at her pictures she is still within – her bones and her skin

You still remember her smile and her favourite things.
It’s five in the morning you’re going to bed
With all reasons left to go on

Just go on, go on, and break my heart
Will you?

After few years you will find it awkward
To meet her again with all of your friends you’ve left in the past

There’s nothing happening just by a will -
Like if mountains could walk, but they chose to stand still
One day you also will…

…go on, go on, and break her heart
Would you?

IIX I’m The Only River
All the rivers have reached the shore –
What am I waiting for?
Along the way I was taught
What was I supposed to know.
It was way back then…

I always thought seasons can’t change me
But then the Fall came along -
Its rain and dying leaves remind of Thee
And envelopes in mystery,
It was way too kind…

I have everything I want
I have nothing

On this silent night I long to hear the voice
Of Ocean calling out for me.
I’m the only river never found its course -
Running up the stream
Way back home

IX One by One
To all the expectations
I’ve had all these years:
One by one
I’m setting them free,
For the heart is unknown
And will always be
A muscle under bones

For all the interventions
I’ve caused you all these years.
One by one
I’m setting them free,
For word is just a word,
But outgrows in a phrase
And then the writer fails…

She said: “No more Good-bye’s”
And left a message in my heart
It’s there to free the odds,
One by one

I think of all the people
I’ve hurt all these years
One by one
I’m setting them free,
For bird is just a bird -
It won’t sing when forced,
But they returned to me.

It’s time to be free
Ocean starts from the sea.
What are you to me?
- A tree full of birds waiting for me

X Ghosts
If you walk through this door
You’ll never return
If you jump out of this car
You’ll never survive

But if you insist
I’ll go with you
Wherever you go

Once you scared the hell out of me
And now there is only clarity
But the ghosts of my joy
Still feeds the last living soul down there

But there you go again
Erase my past
Start again today

May the ghosts in me
Rest in peace

XI Stiprinieks
Tā tu mani steidzies glābt
Simtiem kilometru stundā
Tikmēr cenšos nesalūzt
Lai neizskatos tavās acīs vājš
Atradies stiprinieks

Katram savā akmenī
Iecirstas ceļa zīmes
Katrs savā kalnā kāpj
Savu smago krustu nesot
Atradies stiprinieks

Iedomājies izmainīt
Visu, kā līdz šim ir bijis
Telefonu grāmatā
Nav vairs neviena, kam piezvanīt
Attopies, stipriniek

Rudens lapas uzlasīt
Ir vieglāk nekā likt tām birt
Divus kalnus savienot
Tāpat kā piespiest otru mīlēt
Attopies, stipriniek


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